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As the culminating project for Mrs. Leah Weiner's class 4-330 on their research into their family history, students shared their findings with their families and friends at a Family History Fair! The project began with students drawing their family trees, linking their past to their present. The next step was to write a nonfiction book about their families. Students used Chromebooks to write their books with Google Classroom, an online classroom where students can write and submit work. 

Using interviews with family members as primary sources, students delved deeper into their backgrounds and garnered precious information about their past. Finally, with the help of the computer teacher Mrs. Silberman, students coded programs presenting their family histories on Scratch, an online block code platform. On the day of the fair, students presented their family trees, nonfiction books and used the Chromebooks to share their Scratch presentations. This experience linked the students' identities to their family history and gave them knowledge and connections that will last a lifetime.