Making Israel Happen

Financing your Year in Israel

Like a university, paying for a year of study in Israel can put a strain on the budget of many if not most of our students.  Including tuition, airfare, spending money and other costs, the year in Israel can cost approximately $30,000.  In order to help bear this burden, many scholarship and tuition-assistance options are available. Below is a short list of those options and approximate amounts one can hope to obtain from these resources.




Joel Braverman Scholarship Fund ($250 - $2,500)

Sephardic Scholarship Fund ($250 - $2,500)

FAFSA (through Yeshiva University or Touro College) ($500 - $5,000)

Graduation Awards ($100 - $1,000)

MASA (needs based scholarships awarded yearly)


In addition, check with your local synagogue, as many synagogues have established funds to aid youth leaders in the congregation.  The Jewish Agency and Federation also offer certain scholarships.  Certain programs offer tuition reductions for students with need.  Please speak with the Israel Guidance Department in order to discuss how to best fit the costs of the year of study in Israel into your particular family budget.  The Israel guidance Department can be reached at extension 168 at the Yeshivah (718) 377-1100.


Earning Credits for the Year in Israel


Yeshiva University offers a program in which students may enroll as a student in Yeshiva University and then spend the year studying in an accredited program in Israel.  After completion of a year of study in an Israeli program, the student will earn 32 credits at Yeshiva University.  At this point, the student may continue on to study in Yeshiva University as a second-year student, or enroll in a different university which will accept some or all of the credits that Yeshiva University has granted.  These credits appear as Yeshiva University credits. Touro College and the Talmudical University of Florida have similar programs. 

Some colleges (Brooklyn, Baruch) have historically granted significant credits for time spent studying in Israel. Speak with the College Guidance Department to discuss your specific situation.


Deferring Acceptance from a University to Study in Israel


Virtually all universities willingly grant deferrals to students who elect to spend a year in Israel.  Typically, a student who has been accepted to a university must send a letter requesting deferral of admission in order to be granted the deferral.  We advise that the letter requesting deferral be sent before the end of May.  Inquire with the Israel Guidance Department for a model letter.


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