Behold the English department awaits with open books and a welcoming arm

Committed to bringing our students a world of literature full of magic and charm

From novels to short stories, plays, poems, and prose

Offering our children a plethora of fiction choices – too many to disclose

We encourage our students to explore editorials and op-eds of what’s going on in the land

Through newspaper articles and current events, their vocabulary does expand

Of course, there is a focus on writing from the literary essays to creative pieces

The ability of our students to synthesize articles most definitely increases

We end the year with an exciting and comprehensive research project

Allowing each child to choose their topic of interest, broadening his or her own intellect

They delve into the materials from A to Z

From an intro to in-text citations and an impressive bibliography

As students write and analyze, they discover their own style and a clarity of expression

From September to June, there is a distinct and remarkable progression

There is also a special something for the Juniors and Seniors for which they can apply

 A variety of elective courses along with an AP English for those who qualify

The high level energy of the English staff permeates the classrooms they occupy

So that our students are masters of it all by the time they become alumni

With the help of teachers and peers, they’ve acquired invaluable skills and technique

Our Flatbush students can do more than read and write, they can think, listen, and speak

So rest assured that Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors will be in good hands

Proving successful in all English endeavors, surpassing goals, thriving and growing, and meeting the most exceptional demands!

Summer Reading 2018: